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Thermo Fleece® - Ladies' (Everyday Range)

Wool Rich Blend

100% Pure Merino Wool

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Unisex Merino Skins® Sports Active Range

Mid Weight Base Layer – 230 gsm
Merino Skins – Mid Weight Base Layer high performance Merino Wool Thermal wear made in clean green Australia. The key to greater performance is keeping the body’s temperature at its optimum level. Merino Skins constantly monitor the body's temperature and moisture levels and naturally adjust body temperature to maintain the optimum comfort level. In cold or damp environments, Merino Skins instantly generate heat through a unique molecular process known as heat absorption. In hot or warm environments, Merino Skins release moisture as a vapour, cooling down the body. Truly nature’s miracle thermostat.

100% Pure Merino Wool

Merino Skins®