Unisex Merino Skins® Sports Active Range

Merino Skins' stylish, high-performance urban wear combines fashion with function.

Made from the finest, softest, Australian merino wool, Merino Skins urban active garments are the perfect, contemporary collection, merging exclusive designs with the benefits of wool’s remarkable natural properties.

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The structure off wool fibre

The Structure Of Wool Fibre

Each minute fibre is made from interlocking proteins called keratins – the same proteins that act as a protective outer layer on your own skin. This gives merino wool the unique ability to work like a second skin – in total harmony with your own body’s protection mechanisms.

Wool not only stretches and moves when you do – it insulates your body, keeping you dry when you sweat, cool when you are hot and warm when it's cold.

Body Temperature Regulation

The key to greater performance is keeping the body's temperature at its optimum comfort level. Merino Skins constantly monitor the body's temperature and moisture levels and naturally adjust body temperature to maintain the optimum level of comfort.

The Merino Skin Edge

Merino Skins provide the power to keep to you going. To keep the body's muscles working at full capacity during activity, the body's temperature must not rise excessively. Merino Skins are highly efficient in body cooling during strenuous activity. At the same time, they protect the body from the outer cold environment- keeping you miles ahead - the natural performance enhancer.

Thermoregulation and moisture control of the body

The key to greater performance is keeping the body's temperature at its optimum comfort level. Merino Skins constantly monitor the body's temperature and moisture levels and naturally adjust body temperature to maintain the optimum comfort level. In cold or damp environments, Merino Skins instantly generate heat through a unique molecular process known as heat of sorption. In hot or warm environments, Merino Skins release moisture as a vapour, cooling down the body. Truly nature’s miracle thermostat.

Superior wicking abilities

Merino Skins rapidly absorb sweat and pump it through the outer layer where it quickly spreads and evaporates. This powerful wicking transport system keeps you dry throughout strenuous exercise – up to 27% more than synthetics.

Odour Free

Merino Skins do not retain offensive odours, unlike all synthetics. They evaporate perspiration and thereby eliminate the breeding ground for odour causing bacteria. That’s one more important benefit for you to enjoy: wearing Merino Skins will inhibit bacterial growth and offensive odours.

Static Free

Merino Skins fabric is in harmony with the body’s natural electrical field, thus unlike synthetics which carry static electricity that runs against the body’s blood structures, Merino Skins will keep you comfortable in natural harmony.

Flame Resistant

Natural Merino Wool is an excellent flame resisting fibre – unlike synthetics which will incinerate, combust and melt on impact with any naked flame. Sitting around the campfire, you can feel protected, safe and rest assured that your natural Merino Skins thermal undergarments will protect you against any stray sparks.

Dries Quickly

Drying time in our busy lives is extremely important – with the latest in technology, the care of Merino Skins thermal wear requires no special handling as they are fully machine washable.

High Level of Inbuilt UV Protection

Merino Wool has a much greater level of natural protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Wearing Merino Skins outdoors significantly increases the level of protection against UV rays as compared with other thermal wear.

Merino Skins Natural Merino Wool Performance Underwear vs Synthetics

merino skins vs synthetic fabric
Unlike petrochemically based synthetic thermal underwear – natural Merino Skins key feature is its ability to regulate the body’s optimum comfort level – never too hot, never too cold.

How? The key is moisture and temperature control. Conventional synthetic underwear is manufactured from chemical-based fibres or plastics which have very limited ability to breathe or to absorb moisture. While they can “wick” or move moisture away from the body, they merely transfer that moisture to the outside of the garment creating a wet, sweaty, unhealthy environment which becomes unbearably cold in the winter months and uncomfortably hot in the summer months.

This is where Merino Skins is different – Merino Skins will “wick” moisture away from the body (up to 27% more moisture than any comparable synthetic) and because of Merino Skins natural breathability, it will evaporate that moisture quickly, leaving your body drier and more comfortable in all types of conditions. Cool in summer, warm in winter and 100% natural and organic.