Merino Wool Quiz

A quiz about Merino wool in Australia

We’ve put together this fun quiz about Merino wool, Merino sheep and Merino wool garments. Some of the information is mentioned on our about us page.

Have fun!


Which country has the most merino sheep in the world?
When did humans first start using sheep wool to make clothing?
Wool fibre is very durable and flexible. How many times can wool fibre withstand being bent without breaking?
How many sheep are there in Australia?
How many kilograms of wool can a merino sheep produce in its lifetime?
Who brought the first Merino Sheep to Australia?
How many years do sheep live on average?
When absorbing moisture on a cold morning, merino wool releases the energy equivalent of an electric blanket plugged in for how many hours?
What is a male sheep called?
The staff member in the shearing shed that checks the wool on the tables for quality is called?
Merino Fibre pulls 10 times more moisture away from the skin than any synthetic fibre. What percentage of its own weight can Merino Wool fibre wick away moisture from the body remaining dry to the touch?

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