New Range! Merino Skins Lite

a hiking couple wearing Merino Skins Lite t shirts

New Range! Merino Skins Lite Available now in Australia! We’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, designed to keep you comfortable in both the blazing sun and the crisp air of changing seasons: the Merino Skins Lite collection. Our new lineup includes both men’s and women’s summer weight short-sleeve Merino T-Shirts, alongside their long-sleeve counterparts, … Read more

How to Care for your Machine Washable and Tumble Dryable Merino Skins and Thermo Fleece Merino Thermals

Machine washing Merino Skins

Merino Skins and Thermo Fleece garments are fully machine washable and tumble, making them incredibly convenient and easy to care for. These high-quality garments are loved by outdoor enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike, thanks to their exceptional warmth, moisture-wicking properties, and natural odour resistance. To ensure your Merino Skins and Thermo Fleece thermals last for … Read more

How Merino Wool Functions for You

Merino lambs eating grass

Merino wool, nature’s miracle fibre What’s so special about merino wool, especially when it’s worn against the skin? Quite a lot actually. Here are a few reasons merino wool is the right choice when it comes to thermal base layers: Thermo Regulation of the human body Merino wool has been around for centuries. It’s the … Read more

Authentic Merino Skins and Thermo Fleece by Ktena

lady wearing authentic Ktena Merino Skins

Don’t be fooled by cloned, fake or copied Merino Skins and Thermo Fleece garments  PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED ENSURE YOU ONLY PURCHASE AUTHENTIC KTENA PRODUCTS AUTHENTICITY Why only purchase authentic Ktena products? All Ktena garments are made in our own factory – designed, knitted, dyed, sewn and packaged in-house under our own supervision. Our strict … Read more

The Best Thermal Base Layers for Antarctica

Lady wearing thermal wear and merino base layers on a trip to Antarctica

Are you going to Antarctica? Then you’ll need your Merino Skins thermal wear. The best merino base layer thermal wear for Antarctica. We get asked a lot, “how cold does it get in Antarctica” and “what do I need to wear”. Antarctica is the coldest, highest and windiest place on the planet, so it’s important … Read more

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