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  1. Singlet is well made and keeps you very warm. If you don’t want a snug fitting garment go the the next size up. Great customer service.

  2. I had a small thread pull I noticed once the garment was removed from the packaging.
    I asked the customer service team how and if I could repair it. Instead they sent me a brand new one via express post as we were departing on a holiday to Japan a few days later.
    A great Australian company!

  3. Delivery exceeded expectations, arrived before expected.

  4. It would be good if you moved the tag from the neck to the bottom of the T shirt

  5. Your product has made my 24 year old paraplegic daughter, who has poor thermoregulation, warmer than she has been in 9 years, it is long enough to tuck the garment into her pants and it stays there. She no longer has her back out in the cold. She would like to know when it is coming out in more colours LOL

  6. My purchase from you was very prompt, thank you.

  7. Nice quality and lovely style, sized up and still a little snug.

  8. yeah ideal for spring,summer & autumn wear under a shirt You cannot beat Australian Wool

  9. If anyone feels the cold please get into this item so warm

  10. Great easy to deal with Ktena Staff have terrific product knowledge

  11. This is my colder weather option. Feels great

  12. Yes, they are not cheap but first they are made in Australia and second they feel gorgeous to wear. 😍

  13. Easy to order

  14. very comfortable and good price

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