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Fabric/Knit Type Constructions

Double Knitted Interlock (Side seam free)

The most stable of all fabrics, this resists warping and retains its shape wash after wash. Our interlock fabrics are knitted in tubular form by our machines programmed to knit individual body sizes. Thus garments are side seam free and hug the natural curves of the body.

Shiny Jersey

Single knitted with fine pure merino wool, this is a light weight supersoft luxurious fabric. After the complex and detailed finishing all of our other fabrics undergo, our shiny jersey fabric undergoes a further process known as decatising – where the fabric is placed in high temperature copper tubing and is placed under extremely high temperature for an extended period – resulting in the fabric being transformed to having a unique sheen. The fabric becomes shiny and has a silky feel and appearance. This fabric is particularly popular in the high end of the market worldwide.

Waffle Knit

The texture of this fabric is specially designed to the give the appearance of miniature rectangle shape cells. These knitted air pockets trap body heat and maintain warmth and comfort.

Wool Outer / Cotton Inner

Design Styles Available


Short sleeves

Long sleeves

Long John


Fibres Available


Finest Quality Wool

Ktena Knitting Mills doesn’t just use any old wool – we use one of the highest grades of Merino Wool which is specially selected and graded. Longer than other standard wool fibres – the extra length creates a smooth and silky knitted yarn. Our Merino Wool yarns are soft to the touch and are prickle free, flame resistant and absorb body odour and moisture. After washing, not only does our Merino Wool maintain its elasticity, it also increases its warmth value!