Medical Isolation Gowns

Surgical Isolation Gowns

We have changed our usual production to manufacture medical isolation gowns and they are now available now in bulk orders.

Suitable for hospitals - medical providers - dental clinics. Immediate delivery - stock available now.

These are high-quality washable gowns - not disposable gowns.

AAMI Level 3 Certified
TGA registered

Phone 1300 583 622

Surgical Isolation Gowns manufacturing

High Quality Re-Washable Fabric

Unlike disposable gowns - our gowns are washable and can be rewashed and disinfected many times.

Certified AAMI Level 3

Fabric has been tested and certified at Level 3 - a solid level of fluid barrier protection as required.

TGA Registered

Our isolation gowns are registered with TGA - Australian therapeutic goods administration and comply with all regulations.

Download or view TGA Certificate here.

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