Washable Face Masks - Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Updated – January 2021

Face masks are now mandatory in both Sydney and Melbourne in specific indoor settings.

Below is a link to the current regulations in NSW and Victoria.

NSW - Face Masks

In Greater Sydney (including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains) face masks are mandatory in the following indoor settings:

  • shopping (retail, supermarkets and shopping centres)
  • on public/shared transport and waiting areas for public/shared transport
  • indoor entertainment (including cinemas and theatres)
  • places of worship
  • hair and beauty premises
  • visiting an aged care facility.

Face masks are also mandatory for all staff in hospitality venues, gaming areas in licensed premises (including casinos) and for patrons using gaming services.

Children under 12 are exempt but are encouraged to wear masks where practicable.

You can view the most up to date advice here.


Greater Brisbane - you must carry a mask whenever you leave the house and wear it in indoor spaces including public transport.

View up to date advice for Brisbane, Queenland here.

Victoria - Face Masks

You must wear a face mask in all indoor settings including public transport.

You can view the most up to date advice here.

Ktena Washable Face Masks

Our 5 layer and 3 layer washable face masks exceed both the NSW and Victoria Government guidelines on face masks.

Both 3 layer and 5 layer masks have an AAMI Level 3 rated outer layer and are available in two sizes and two colours.

High Quality Washable Face Masks

Updated: Now with adjustable straps for different sized faces.

5 Layer Filtration Protection

(Outer layer)
High-grade waterproof barrier fabric - AAMI Level 3 rated - liquid and droplet protection barrier.

Layer 2
Cotton/polyester blend - double knitted filter layer.

Layer 3
High Count woven polypropylene layer (high-grade filter).

layer 4
Merino wool/polyester double knitted fabric filter layer.

Inside layer
100% soft cotton breathable cotton fabric against the skin

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High Quality Re-Washable Fabric

Our masks are washable and can be rewashed and disinfected many times.

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